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Baking times vary for each type of pizza and length of bake time is indicated on the lid of each pizza. We love Lou Malnati's in Chicago so I thought I'd try it at home. 32 minutes later, we had really great pizza that made us feel like we were right there at Lou's.If the pizza has thawed decrease bake time by 5 minutes. Of course nothing is the same as actually being there, but this is as close as we could get in Louisville and I was pleasantly surprised!A few weeks ago, I ordered 2 so my wife could try them... Sauce is so tasty and fresh even though it has been frozen. As a native but nomadic NYer, there are certain hometown foods that will always have a special place in one's memory.For me, that includes Brooklyn bagels, thin-crust pizza, and corned beef on Rye with cream soda.For the ultimate pizza, bake from a frozen state according to the following instructions: Preheat oven to 425 degrees. Wipe away condensation from the pan and lightly oil the pan.

I thought those special treats would only be a memory when health issues required a gluten-free diet. Evil glares to gluten-eaters who were hogging the crustless pizza. (NY and Boston are falling way behind) Lou's is always delicious. Some nights I work very late so coming home knowing there's one in the freezer that cooks in only 35 minutes is a nice alternative! That's why no matter where life takes you in the country, you can always count on Lou's "Taste of Chicago" selections to bring al the great foods you love and miss.We received an order of 4 different pizzas as a gift, we loved the sausage pizza so much we placed an order for 4 more. We moved to northern Wisconsin a few years ago, and one of the things we miss is Malnati's pizza!Packaging and dry ice delivered our pizza perfectly. We finally decided to order from Loutogo, and in just a few days, the pizzas were delivered packed in such a way that they were still frozen and ready to bake!We are originally from chicago as well as my sister in law and eat malnati's every time we visit our families in Chicago.We order pizzas for my sister in law for her birthday every year.

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We did so again this year and we were disappointed when she received them a day after her birthday, when we specifically requested that they be delivered on her birthday. We had the pleasure of going to this great restaurant while visiting Chicago this Spring.

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